Reactron’s unique Hybrid IT Service offshoring model combines the highly skilled and experienced software developers in Vietnam while ensuring seamless project management and communication through our Finnish-based Vietnamese team leads and project managers.

Bridging the Gap with Local Expertise

Our model eliminates cultural and language barriers. Finnish-based project managers ensure smooth communication and clear project requirements, fostering a stronger client relationship.

Cost-Effective Development without Compromises

Our Vietnam team offers services at 40-60% lower costs. We own our development center, ensuring strict quality control.

Focused Billing for Greater Value

We only charge for actual development work. Meetings and planning sessions are not billed, ensuring clients receive maximum value.

Flexible and Adaptive Service Offerings

We manage existing application maintenance and minor development, freeing your resources for new projects. We also handle new development projects independently with clear requirements.

Hybrid offshore model

Why Reactron?

Reactron’s hybrid IT service model represents the future of software development outsourcing.

By combining the expertise and cost-efficiency of our Vietnamese development team with the seamless communication and project management of our Finnish-based leads, we offer a unique and compelling proposition. Our clients enjoy high-quality development services, significant cost savings, and a collaborative, transparent relationship that drives success.

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